Imagery in Motion

Imagery in Motion (I.M) is a choreography and performance practice which is based on imagery. It aims to bridge between the worlds of imagination and physics. Through fantasy based tasks, the movement possibilities of the human form are challenged. The fantasies, built over years of practice, replace standard dance terms with imagery sourced from physical forms, nature, emotional states, textures, speed, density and others. Through a journey of an Imagery in Motion session, the performer’s body is carried to the extreme along great sincerity and presence. This almost meditative dance state, once shared with the viewer, sends both into the unknown realms of the subconscious, creating new ways of moving, feeling and connecting.

Oded has taught at:

Vertigo Dance Company Workshop, Jerusalem Ballet, KCDC training program, Jerusalem Dance Academy, Bikurei Haitim Dance Centre, Hayovel High school’s Dance Department, Jerusalem School of Arts (Israel)

Sydney Dance Company PPY, Queensland University of Technology, STRUT Dance, Ausdance QLD, Stephanie Lake Company, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Australia)

Urbanity Dance Company (USA)

Aurinko Baletti (Finland)

Dolgushin Classical Ballet School (Russia)

Trinity Laban, The Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance and The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK)

HfMDK and Plauen Zwickau Ballet (Germany)

Egomio Cultural Centre (Cyprus)

University of Malta

Estancias Coreograficas (Spain)

University of Ghana.


Through Imagery in Motion (I.M) Oded is committed to sharing these tools with dancers and non-dancers alike, at any level or age. During I.M workshops, participants connect with their bodies using the precision of intention. Impacting the community by employing both – performance and community education is central to Oded’s mission, especially challenging the notion that dance is only for dancers. It is, of course, for everyone.

He currently teaches adults and teens around Israel as well as dance companies, academies and freelance dancers all over the world.

Oded collaborates on a regular basis with The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their shared vision is to connect Israeli dance with communities all over the world, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. Through the global shared language of movement, and the human vulnerability it encompasses, Oded is passionate to create connections even in the most unlikely surroundings.

During the 1st wave of the Covid19 pandemic, Oded held online I.M classes for dancers from all over the world, to create a sense of community within the chaos and the loneliness of isolation. The live classes were accompanied online by London based musician Ronen Kozokaro and welcomed dancers who joined simultaneously from Africa, Europe, Middle East and Australia.


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