Commissioned by Theater Plauen Zwickau, Germany 

A work for 10 dancers

Premiered in 2019 in Plauen and in 2020 in Zwicka


The work Glashäuser (glass houses) was commissioned by the Ballet Company of the joint theater of cities Plauen and Zwickau in East Germany. 

The work observes the consequences of collective insanity, driven by the momentum of hatred, on a mass scale. Oded’s origins are from the same city, Plauen, from which many of his family members were sent to their death in Auschwitz. Although performed in a charged territory for the choreographer, the work is broad in its perspective and observes exclusion and hatred which exist everywhere, for which the Holocaust serves as an extreme example of. 

The Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive in the US and the Bundesarchiv, The German Federal Archive, contributes video footage from the 1930s for the use of projection on screens and on the dancers during the piece.

The show is followed by an open discussion with the audience, which among others, aims to bridge an almost unbridgeable gap between the Jewish and the German people, by choosing shared values upon to build a common future, rather than cementing roles that the past generations have laid down.

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Production: Theater Plauen Zwickau

Artistic Director of Plauen Zwickau Ballet Company: Annett Göhre

Music: Gustav Mahler, Bedřich Smetana, Max Richter, Ronen Kozokaro

Set / Costume / Video design: Silvio Motta

Video Material: 

The Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bundesarchiv – The German Federal Archive

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