Rainbow Gravity

Commissioned by Jerusalem Ballet

For 4 dancers

Premiered in 2015

Became a co-production with Oded Ronen Choreography in 2016


Performed around Israel, toured to Albania and Kosovo, as a special project of The Israeli Embassy in Albania, to combine a tour of existing works with a new work which was created on Albania Dance Theatre.


Drawn from physics, Rainbow Gravity is a theory which challenges the notion of the big bang and instead, proposes that the universe had no beginning. The work investigates this idea as a metaphor for our own lives; the impossibility of identifying where something started – a thought, a feeling or a connection. Like children with Lego, the four performers form and reform the world around them.

The play between human and rigid structures flickers images- one moment a womb, the next a tower, or a door, or a village, until all begins to disintegrate into debris. The extraordinary music of Luciano Berio and Arvo Part swirl with projected imagery to launch the audience into their own flight of fantasy. The work was created in collaboration with poet Ido Angel, whose poems from the book 3003 inhabit the same world suspended between the real and the fantastic.


Artistic Director of Jerusalem Ballet:
Nadya Timofeeva

General Manager of Jerusalem Ballet:
Marina Neeman

Ambassador of Israel in Albania: Tsach Saar

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