Originally commissioned by Ochre Dance Company, Perth, Australia

Premiered with an Australian cast in 2015

Premiered with an Israeli cast of Oded Ronen choreography in 2017

For 4 dancers


Hostility towards others is one of our most primal instincts. It is a mechanism evolved to protect us from harm, yet at the same time it engenders loneliness, competition and tribal rivalry. This work is about piercing that protective shield of hostility, and plugging into that other, nobler instinct, which connects with others. 

We are animals, but not quite.


The work performed around Israel, before grouping with family therapist Idit Ronen-Setter to form WILD, a new show that combined MANIMAL and a lecture about attachment styles.


Artistic Director of Ochre Dance Company: Louise Howden-Smith

Costume Design: Ligal Melamed

Text: John Cacioppo, Ronny Edry

Family therapist lecturer: Idit Ronen-Setter

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