Race to the Ark

Commissioned by The Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem 

For 3 performers 

Premiered in 2014 

Performed over 100 times at The Bloomfield Science Museum

The rains are starting, the waters are rising and the flood is coming. This is the setting for a popular reality TV show. To secure their place on the Ark, two teenagers find themselves in a competition against Nature’s finest athletes. They have to outrun a Cheetah, outjump a Kangaroo and hold their balance against their Flamingo competitors. They find themselves in a contest with the animal kingdom’s best rollers, craziest acrobats and greatest contortionists. 

Part reality TV, part story and part nature documentary, this high-energy, fun-filled dance work takes us on a journey of two courageous boys into the inspiring world of biomechanics – the extraordinary ways in which animals (and humans) have adapted to survive and thrive.

Commissioned to complement The Machine Inside exhibition from the Field Museum in Chicago, this multimedia work weaves together theatre, dance, animation and film to educate kids about animal and human biomechanics and to encourage them with the notion that everyone is unique and deserving of our respect.


Choreography & Direction: Oded Ronen & Joel Bray

Museum Project Manager: Dafna Efron

Animation: Ram Efron 

Original Music: Ariel Keshet

מוזיאון המדע בלומפילד
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