Ye Si Gesher

Commissioned by The Israeli Embassy in Accra, Ghana

In partnership with The University of Ghana

In participation with:

Ghana National Dance Company

The Great African Heritage Ensemble 

The Ghana Dance Ensemble

A work for 150 dancers, instrumental musicians and a choir

Premiered in 2019

The Israeli Embassy in Ghana invited Oded Ronen Choreography to Accra with a dual aim: to expose local Ghanaian dancers to Israeli contemporary dance, through the works Capsule and Whale Dream, and to create a new work involving the local dance community. Over a short period of time, Oded and his team – Ligal Melamed and Ofer Lachish, created a full length work. For this production the major dance companies of Ghana came together, as well as different musicians and a choir, to create a work 80 minutes long. With a limited amount of time and a great deal of determination, the resulting work included a fusion of styles, ranging from contemporary dance to the traditional, celebrating this rare cooperation between the nations. 

The name of the show, Ye Si Gesher, translates as “we built a bridge”.

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Israeli Ambassador in Ghana: Shani Cooper

Producer of the project: Daniel Silberman

University of Ghana
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