Tančící Dům

Commissioned by Jerusalem Ballet

Premiered in Israel 2013 



Performed with multiple casts around Israel, toured to Russia in 2015 and 2017 with Jerusalem Ballet 


The duet Tančící dům, commissioned by Jerusalem Ballet, tracks a man and a woman who differ in their energies. The female dancer has explosive and erratic energy, while the male dancer has a quieter, at times fatigued low energy. Together they find original ways to support each other (challenging the classical notion of mostly the male dancer supporting the female dancer). They discover a new kind of harmony in their couple hood, where mutual support, rather than a sign of weakness, generates an endless amount of flow.

The name of the work is taken from architect Frank Gehry‘s Tančící dům building in Prague, also nicknamed Fred and Ginger, after the couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


Artistic Director of Jerusalem Ballet:
Nadya Timofeeva

General Manager of Jerusalem Ballet:
Marina Neeman

Music: Johannes Brahms

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