Commissioned by Transitions Dance Company, London 

A work for 12 dancers

Premiered in 2017

Performed all around the UK, Cyprus and Malta 

“The piece is intene and carries passages of beautiful, slow and sustained movement as well as more chaotic moments. [Bringing] synergy with a thought provoking and elegiac choreography carried out with unflagging energy and power of performers. …by far the standout performance of the night.”
(Rachel Nouchi, London Dance)

“While the movement is often graceful and athletic, the sense of flaw, of something not quite right, pervades this excellent piece.  …as if to show the mending had been in vain. A somber and moving close to a marvelous piece of contemporary dance. Each dancer has a moment to break away from the group into an energetic solo; like a body packed with energy it is struggling, desperately, to control… The ventral piece, and the standout piece of the night, is Oded Ronen’s “Kintsugi”.
(Martin Thomasson, British Theatre Guide)

A work about the tender, vulnerable, dynamic and complex human experience. Featuring original music by Ronen Kozokaro, the company performs refined movement that shimmers with an emotional pulse and heart. Kintsugi is a Japanese art involving repairing broken pottery with gold – highlighting the cracks rather than disguising them. Through solos, partnering and group formations the dancers inhabit a broken, lonely and fragmented world, searching for reconnection through a sense of community. 

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Artistic Director of Transitions Dance Company: David Waring

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