An original production of Oded Ronen Choreography 

Commissioned by Tmuna International Festival

A full length duet 

Premiered in 2017 

Performed around Israel, toured to Ghana as a project of The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“A riveting emotional experience, marked by beauty and mystery… An intimate work, moving and profound, with outstanding performances by Oded Ronen & Ligal Melamed” 

             (Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East)

“A fascinating experience… tenderness and ecstasy that are beautifully articulated”

             (John Owoo, Arts Ghana)                                                                                                     

 “It throws light on how the essence of peace ensures the survival of humanity”


We divide into capsules. A capsule is hard to get into. But once you’re in – you’re in. You feel secure. You belong. We define ourselves through them. We understand who we are. What is actually – home.

We belong to our family, to a group of friends. Many of us choose to live in pairs. This choice defends us from a cold world of loneliness, a world where no one has our back. A world where you eat alone, sleep alone, age alone, get sick alone.

At times we don’t agree with what happens in the capsule. Will we manage to find ways to resolve disagreements? What will happen if we choose not to? Will we not belong anymore? And if we won’t belong, who will we actually be? When we remove all the things we consider our home, what is left of us? What is left from our naked soul, if at all a thing like this exists.

Performers: Ligal Melamed (artistic collaborator) and Oded Ronen

Music: Ronen Kozokaro

Lighting Design: Ofer Lachish

Artistic Advisor: Nitzan Cohen

University of Ghana
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