An original production of Oded Ronen Choreography 

For 5 dancers, a singer and a narrator

Premiered in 2019


The work looks at how we process our emotions. If the experiments of Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto are true, and the meaning of our words effects water and other matter, then our internal emotional world works in the same way. The five performers on stage, each unique like an intricate plant, together form cells of the body, which are effected by words, for better and for worse. As individuals and as a group, they fall apart and build themselves back together, along narrated words which process the price of holding on and letting go.


Music: Ronen Kozokaro and Amitai Aricha

Costume design: Ligal Melamed

Lighting design: Ofer Lachish

Set design & Text: Oded Ronen

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