Creative Process

Oded’s methodology aims to bring the performer to have a full physical experience while being immersed in the depth of intention. This very sensitive state is extremely humane and fragile, which draws the audience into the work and creates a bond on the deepest emotional level.

There is a constant pursue to access the subconscious mind, as each new dance work is created from a place that has never existed before. It requires walking the path of the unknown, somewhat like with a blindfold.

In Imagery in Motion classes, movement sequences are created, later to be used in group improvisations to research the emotional topics of the work. In these improvisations, the dancers contribute their own personal understanding and interpretation of these topics.

It is fascinating to see how people can research the same subject, see it in completely individual ways, each of which is accurate to the task, and together they all contribute to a deeper collective understanding. This unique group intelligence brings out improvised scenes that could not be created otherwise. Chosen scenes are later reconstructed, and form the puzzle pieces of the final work.

Through this long process, the work almost reveals itself.

The process is dependent on the sincerity of the performers and their comradeship towards each other. This way, the work seems to belong to everyone involved, which creates a total commitment on stage, from the individual dancer and the group alike. The viewer senses this communal group energy, and is swept away by it.


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